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UP Polytechnic Entrance Exam Previous Papers Download

UP Polytechnic Entrance Exam Previous Papers Download

UP Poly Entrance Exam 2016 Previous Years papers can be download from this page. We have the Poly Previous Old Papers collection for downloading. Candidates can Download the OLD Paper Sets from this page. All The collection is given for the connivance of the Candidates.

Here is the paper
Q-1). If the ratio of the second and third term in the expansion of (a + b)2 is equal to the ratio of third and fourth term in the expansion of (a + b ) n+3 then the value of n is equal to :

a) 6

b) 4

c) 5

d) 3

Ans-) 3

Q-2). The equation of line which is parallel to the straight line 3x + 4y – 7 = 0 and passing through (1,2) is :

a) 3x + 4y = 11

b) 3x+4y+11= 0

c) 4x-3y+2=0

d) 3x+4y+7=0

Ans-) 4x-3y+2=0

Q-3). A dice is thrown then the probability that the sum of the number is 1 or 6 is:

a) 1/6

b) 1/3

c) 2/3

d) 3/4

Ans-) 1/3

Q-4). The sum of 20 terms of the series 1 + 4 + 7 + 10 +….is:

a) 290

b) 490

c) 590

d) none of these

Ans-) 590

Q-5). Which is correct for inside charged sphere?

a) E ≠ 0, V = 0

b) E=0, V= 0

c) E≠0, V≠0

d) E=0, V = 0

Ans-) E=0, V = 0

Q-6). Function of a grid in a triode is :

a) to increase plate voltage

b) to decrease plate voltage

c) reduce the effect of space charge

d) None

Ans-) to increase plate voltage

Q-7). The wavelengths associated with photons and electron are same, the ratio of their momentum will be:

a) 1: 1

b) 2: 1

c) 1: 3

d) 3: 1

Ans-) 1: 1

Q-8). Of which the velocity is equal to light velocity:

a) Cathode ray

b) X-rays

c) positive ray

d) all

Ans-) X-rays

Q-9). If the pressure of a gas is doubled at constant temperature, then the velocity of Sound in the gas becomes:

a) unchanged

b) √2 times

c) half

d) double

Ans-) unchanged

Q-10). Which quantity doesn’t remains constant in simple harmonic motion:

a) Time period

b) velocity

c) frequency

d) amplitude

Ans-) velocity

Q-11). The momentum correction factor (β) for the viscous flow through a circular pipe is

a) 1.25

b) 1.33

c) 1.50

d) 1.66

e) 2.00

Ans-) B

Q-12).A piezometer opening in pipes measures

a) velocity head

b) static pressure

c) total pressure

d) negative static pressure.


Q-13).An independent mass of a fluid does not posses

a) elevation energy

b) kinetic energy

c) pressure energy

d) none of these.

Ans-) C

Q-14). A short tube mouthpiece will not run full at its outlet if the head under which the orifice works, is

a) less than 12.2 m of the water

b) more than 12.2 m of the water

c) equal of 12.2 m of water

d) none of these.

Ans-) B

Q-15). Hydrostatic pressure on a dam depends upon its

a) length

b) depth

c) shape

d) material

e) both (b) and (c)

Ans-) E

Q-16).When two layers of a fluid separated by dy move over the other with a difference of velocity dv, causes a shearing stress , where μ is known as

a) coefficient of viscosity

b) absolute viscosity

c) dynamic viscosity

d) viscosity

e) all the above.

Ans-) E

Q-17).A pipe of 0.1 m2 cross sectional area suddenly enlarges to 0.3 m2 cross-sectional area. If the discharge of the pipe is 0.3 m3 /sec, the head loss is

a) 2/g m of water

b) g/2 m of water

c) 1g m of water

d) g m of water.

Ans-) A

Q-18).Maximum efficiency of transmission of power through a pipe, is

a) 25%

b) 33.3%

c) 50%

d) 66.67%.

Ans-) D

Q-19).An ideal flow of a liquid obeys

a) Continuity equation

b) Newton’s law of viscosity

c) Newton’s second law of motion

d) dynamic viscosity law,

Ans-) A

Q-20). Reynold number is the ratio of initial force and

a) viscosity

b) elasticity

c) gravitational force

d) surface tension.

Ans-) A

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